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Now Playing: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer!

Tom Sawyer Poster Letter


August 22 – August 31, 2014

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2:30pm

School Shows: Tuesday, August 26, Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tom Sawyer is known around his small town in Missouri as a playful troublemaker. Tom and his friend, Huck Finn, enjoy plotting adventures that often leave them in danger. One night, when Tom and Huck journey to the town graveyard, the two boys witness a murder. The boys agree to keep quiet, but grow uncomfortable when a suspect is wrongly accused and the real murderer walks free. Meanwhile, Tom falls out of favor with his sweetheart, Becky, when she learns he was “engaged” to someone else before her. Can Tom win her over? Will he and Huck come forward about the graveyard happenings or let the murderer walk free?



Director–Michael Hillman
Producer–Neal Brackett

Announcing Auditions for Experience Christmas 2014

Experience Christmas Audition Poster


Announcing Auditions for

Experience Christmas 2014

 Monday, September 1 at 6 pm
Tuesday, September 2 at 6 pm
Call backs: Wednesday, September 3 at 6 pm

at the historic DeSoto Theatre

Auditions are open to singers who are between the ages of 7 and 100+.

Songs for the audition will be selected by the audition committee and provided at the time of the auditions.
Please do NOT prepare your own song for the audition.

Singing numbers in the show will be traditional and contemporary Christmas songs including solos, trios, quartets, small groups and choirs.

Safely submit your audition registration form HERE Continue reading

Announcing the cast list for The Nutcracker!

On behalf of R.O.M.E. and the Berry College Dancetroupe, RLT is happy to share the results of auditions for The Nutcracker. This is the first time an event like this has taken place in the community and RLT is glad to be supporting this production! This will be a wonderful event that showcases talents from multiple arts organizations across the community.

Nutcracker ticket logo

Musical Director: Sam Baltzer
Artistic Director/Choreographers: Leslie Pearson and Jeanne Schul.

Sugar Plum Fairy: Caroline Fagan

Clara: Mary Arden Carroll

Nutcracker/Prince: Stephen Stamps

Mouse King: Payton Campbell

Doll: Jessica Cole

Soldier: Sally Whitley

Clara’s Friends: Erin Chivers, Hope LeMaster, Kaitlyn Rogers, Ella Walker, April Freeman, and Maria Flowers

Waltz of the Flowers: Emily Barton, Abbey Smyth, Hannah Lambert, Noelle Mouton, Kiersten Boley, Sloane Smith, Jessica Cole, and Caley Mitchell

Spanish: Emily Barton, Noelle Mouton, and Sloane Smith

Arabian: Caroline Fagan, Abbey Smyth, and Hannah Lambert

Ensemble Actors: Sylvia Caruvana, Mark Winstead, Ginger McClure, Sarah Gupta, Ashanti Bowers, Naomi Faile, Makhia Williams, Allie Castrejohn, Clara Graham, Isaac Brackett, Reed Castrejon, Sam Winstead, Jon Caruvana

Drosselmeier- Bob Moulard

There are still opportunities to audition for dance roles in the ballroom section in the party scene, as well as the Russian part in Act II. The auditions for these two parts will be on Wednesday September 2nd at 6:30pm in Richards Dance Studio located on Berry’s Campus.

If you have been cast as an ensemble actor, please email to accept or decline your role to rltoffice@bellsouth.net.

Rehearsal schedules and further information will be sent to you via email once the cast list is finalized.

Again, on behalf of the artistic team as well as RLT, congratulations and thank you for your interest in this first ever community arts event.

Into the Theatre with Dalton Urda

Dalton Into the Theatre Logo

Who needs a caffeine buzz when you are in show business? Okay, so that might be cheesy but it’s true. Knee deep in multiple upcoming productions at RLT, I often forget that I am still the “new guy” here and only discovered this marvelous building I call home seven months ago. The people at the Desoto Theatre have welcomed me with open arms and have continued to open the door to more and more opportunities for me. I came into the Theatre in February riddled with nerves and trembling at the thought of going up in front of one hundred strangers and auditioning, then this past weekend I stage-managed my first show for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I am no longer that nervous kid who came in to auditions hiding my eyes from the casting committee – I am now the one helping others calm their nerves and am becoming more involved on and off stage. Continue reading

We Proudly Announce the Cast of Beauty and the Beast, Jr

Thank you to all the actors who came to auditions! We had so many talented folks to choose from, and it was not easy. If you were NOT cast, please understand that the casting committee was scoring auditioners in 3 separate areas, and those who were the strongest in all three were considered first. Areas of focus were (in this order) singing ability, acting ability and dancing ability. First and foremost, did you sing on pitch? in tempo? loud enough to be heard? with expression? Next, did you read or recite with expression? Did you speak too fast, or in a way that made it difficult for you to be heard? Did you hide behind your paper/script? Did you have proper inflection/feeling in your delivery? And last, were you able to keep time with the music with your body? Once all factors, and many more, were considered  (and the committee had to be very picky!) conflicts with rehearsal were taken into account. This is a show that will require a high level of commitment from everyone involved, and conflicts were a deciding factor in more than one occasion.

Thank you again for sharing your talents with us. If you have been cast, please email mrs.maloney@gmail.com to accept or decline your role within 48 hours. Include with your acceptance a valid email address in which the director/producer may communicate with a PARENT, the parent’s and actor’s name.


Orrin Scarborough, Zack Lester, Owen McRee, Jake Naddy, Azaria Hunt, Millie Maloney, Natalia Jones, Eden Lipham, Ella McKerrocher, Kate Scott, Nash Williams, Kristin Towe, Taylor Tanner, Joy Christie, Trisha Dobson, Molly Finnegan, Baleigh Nelson, Radha Miniyar, Olivia Parker, Kaitlin Montgomery, Arisah Argueta, Autumn Coughlin, Bella Cox, Anna Davidson, Wells Hernandez, Joseph Faile, Phoebe Faile,Reid Finnegan, Barton Sopata, Trey Wilkerson, Kade Pajor, Gloria Murray

Enchantress- Azaria Hunt

Rose- Millie Maloney

Featured dancers, named ensemble roles, narrators, and understudies will be cast once everyone has declined/or accepted their roles and rehearsals begin.

D’Arque- Will Kemp

Mrs.Potts- Caroline Gammage

Chip- Maggie Grace Brinson

Babette- Peyton Christen

Madame de La Grande Bouche- Natalee Castro

Prince- Ian Van Riper

Cogsworth- Ryan Acree

LeFou- Zac Mitchell

Beast- Tyler Dobson

Gaston- Jacob Faile

Lumiere- Chase Johnston

Silly Girls- Aja Stanton, Abbey Williams, Lizzy Morang, Micailah Lipham, Maddie Sabourin, Haley Fisher

Belle- Madison Brinson

Maurice- Ian Van Riper


Please enjoy the playbill for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer Program Cover


RLT Jr with Jordan: Zac Mitchell

Jordan's New Logo

Editor’s Note: The Backstage Pass welcomes new Cub Reporter, Jordan Poe to our staff. She will be keeping us up to date on all things RLT Jr.

Hello! It’s Jordan Poe here again. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m 9 years old, and I love acting. I started acting at Rome Little Theatre when I was 6 years old. I also love to write, and I was given this amazing opportunity to write about what’s going on with the Rome Little Theatre Jr, which is quite a lot.

RLT Jr debuted its first musical, The Little Mermaid Jr, this past April, and for this article I chose to interview Chef Louis, aka Zac Mitchell.

Mitchell, ZacJP-“How old were you when you started acting?”


JP-“What was the first play you acted in?”

ZM-“Charlotte’s Web

JP-“What advice would you give to other kids who want to try acting?”

ZM-“If you love to act, then do it!”

JP-“You won a Roman Award this summer. What was that like?”

ZM-“It felt unreal, and I felt honored.”

JP-“What is your most favorite play or musical that you’ve ever acted in?”

ZM-“I really don’t have one. Whichever play I’m in at the time is my favorite.”

JP-“What are some of the things that you do to help you with acting?”

ZM-“I attend acting camps, do a lot of plays, and I attend RLT acting workshops.”

JP-“What did you like most about the RLT camps?”

ZM-“Meeting new people and the Improv classes.”

You can see Zac in his latest role as Judge Thatcher in RLT Jr’s second production, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, August 22 – August 31, 2014.

Check back with me next time to learn more about another RLT Jr Actor.

Office Offerings by MaryO – Aug/Sept2014

Office Offerings Logo

We sadly say “Bye!”  to our Berry  intern, Grace McMullen, who has taken on all kinds of jobs for us this summer.  You may have talked with her on the phone, seen her working in box office, or received an email from her. She taught the musical theatre class for our summer workshop, and completed a variety of projects for us.  We greatly appreciate all of her hard work and cheerful spirit.

Our 2014-15 season  is  off  to  a  great  start!  THE ADVENTURES of TOM SAWYER runs August 22 thru Labor Day weekend. TICKETS HERE

Our congratulations go out to Mollie Brown (one of our  RLT kids) and Josh Jarrell on their marriage (September 20th).  Mollie’s Mom, Debby Brown, “approved” Josh as Mollie’s boyfriend a couple of years ago, so I’m sure she’s celebrating their wedding now. May they have many years of happiness together!

Ruby’s Row Fund  has $2230!!!  Now we only need $7770 more to purchase the 1st row of seats in the center section of the balcony. For anyone who doesn’t know who Ruby is, she’s RLT’s resident ghost (a mischievous little girl who loves the DeSoto Theatre). We’ve heard that she used to like sitting up in the balcony. If you would like to donate to Ruby’s Row, please give us a call at 706-295-7171.

There has been a recent electrical  problem  in  the Historic DeSoto building.  It has left the new concessions area and Tiff’s office without power for several weeks, but we hope to have the problems resolved soon. For the duration we’ve moved our concessions area across the hall to the Cathy Greer Gallery.

The  Reading Committee  has started looking at suggestions for 2016-17.  If you have a show you’d like to see at RLT, please submit your suggestion for them to consider. SUBMIT HERE

We thank local artists, Siri Selle and Scott Wingard, for sharing their artwork with us at the DeSoto. Their paintings were on display during the summer, and many patrons enjoyed them.

See you at the Theatre!

Stage Directions: “O Captain, My Captain: Remembering Robin Williams” By Lauren Jones

Stage Direction with Lauren Logo

We were waist deep in rehearsing for Tom Sawyer. Literally, I was on-book watching Tom and Huck sneaking around in the graveyard with a dead cat, ready to offer up helpful line fragments if one of them got stumped, when Michael Hillman sat down next me and leaned in close.

“They’re saying Robin Williams died,” he told me in a low voice.

I kind of froze with this confused expression stuck on my face.

“What?” I said, flatly.

“Robin Williams is dead.” 

Robin Williams AladdinHe was tilting the screen of his cell phone toward me, showing me where a friend had text messaged him the news. My eyes didn’t exactly focus on the tiny screen though, instead, my hands shot for my phone to pull up a news site. On that late Monday night, my feed was flooded by shocked laments and tributes to the late actor and comedian.  I sat there, frozen for several seconds, completely stunned beyond any other emotion. A little voice in me was shouting, “STOP REHEARSAL! STOP EVERYTHING!” But of course, I had to duct tape that little voice’s mouth shut and shove it in a closet until after rehearsal. The show must go on, as they say.

You can’t be in this business and not have been touched by Robin Williams’ acting in some way. Whether it was a comedic role or a more serious, dramatic portrayal, we’ve all taken something away from his work. No matter the film, Williams had a kind, sincere delivery style that made you feel comfortable. His persona generated this warmth I can’t quite put my finger on, and he had a knack of making you feel close to his characters.

So this loss hits pretty hard. Continue reading

Spotlight on Shows: “The Adventures of Michael Hillman” By Wendell Barnes

Spotlight on Shows Logo

Tom Sawyer Poster Letter

So you thought Tom Sawyer had lots of great adventures!  Just wait until you read about the adventures that led Michael Hillman to become the director of RLT’s latest production, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”!

This is Michael’s second directorial effort at RLT, but he has been involved in theatre through many adventures during the years both behind the scenes and onstage.  His first directorial task at RLT was taking over the job of director of last season”s “Frankenstein,” when Holly Moore became too ill to carry on.  Michael was in the cast playing Metz, one of the villainous graverobbers, when, unfortunately, Holly had to drop her vision for the project.  Michael stepped up to the role and stayed in his brief acting role too, taking on double duty.  The play was a resounding success, and even added on a special performance in honor of Holly on Halloween, Holly’s favorite holiday.  She passed away just after the strike when the show was over, almost as if she wanted to be sure that the production was completed before she left us.  Her spirit is still with us always in the make-up room where she spent so many hours donating her considerable talents in hair and make-up.  Lauren Jones also came to the rescue to help Michael out in that show as assistant director, and filled one of the roles that became vacant as well.  Lauren has been by his side for this production as well.  His invaluable producer for this show is the always dependable and resourceful Neal Brackett, who this time also designed and ensured that the sets were built.  Michael has also been involved in productions at Calhoun High School, where he teaches English, and for Calhoun Little Theatre.  He has made well over ten appearances on the RLT stage as an actor, including the Woody Allen lead role in “Play It Again, Sam,” and has been nominated and won Roman Awards.   Michael as a performer is comfortable in dramas and comedies, and especially loves the horror stories as well.

Continue reading

Beyond the RLT – August/Sept 2014

Beyond the RLT Logo

By Wendell Barnes

Ding dong! (No, the witch is not dead, but school bells are ringing,) and with that comes the new theatre seasons all around our area.  So after you have seen all of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” for all six performances (plus school shows!), you might want to try out some of the other shows within driving distance.  Perhaps if Tom had been in a theatre instead of fooling around with his adventures, he might not have gotten into so much trouble!  So come with me on a journey “Beyond the RLT!”

Hurry, hurry, hurry if you want to see the Cedartown Theatrical Performers Company’s production of “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast,” because it will only run this weekend, August 15th at 7:30 and August 16th at 2:30 and 7:30 at the Cedartown Performing Arts Center.  This will be the full production, and their performances are usually this time annually, but since they do not get a lot of local publicity, sometimes we miss them!  I’ve seen most of the productions of this company, founded by Chuck Morris, Bill and Catherine Lundy, and these local young people do a terrific job and it’s worth the drive.  Don’t miss it!

Continue reading

Congratulations to the cast of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer!

Tom Sawyer Logo

Congratulations to the cast of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


Tom-Jon Caruvana Jr
Huck-Gary Jones III
Joe Harper-Isaac Brackett
Ben Rogers-Ryan Acree
Becky Thatcher-Gloria Murray
Sid-Wells Hernandez

Muff Potter- Jacob Faile
Injun Joe-Alex Mitchell
Dr. Robinson-Micah Zimmerman
Hooper-Reid Finnegan

Judge Thatcher- Zac Mitchell
The Sheriff-Micah Zimmerman
The Minister-Dalton Urda
Bud Riverson- Matt Rodriguez

Aunt Polly-Abbey Williams
Widow Douglas-Anna Amos
The Minister’s Wife-Molly Finnegan
Mrs Thatcher- Joy Christie
Mrs. Harper-Olivia Parker
Mr. Harper-Barton Sopata

Phoebe Shane, Rachel Gilreath, additional males to be determined.

From the casting committee: We had difficult choices to make. Conflicts had a major influence upon casting some roles.

First read-through will be held at 501 North Fifth Ave, the RLT Annex on June 7 starting at 6:30 pm

Please accept or decline your role by emailing the producer Neal Brackett at nealop@aol.com.

Rome Little Theatre announces our 2014-2015 season and extra shows!

RLT 2014-2015 Season Schedule

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – August 22 – August 31, 2014
School Shows: Tuesday, August 26, Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, June, 2, 3, 4, 2014

The Rocky Horror Show – October 24 – November 2, 2014
Auditions: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, July 19, 20, 21, 2014

The Nutcracker – November 21, 22, 2014
Auditions: Wednesday, Thursday, August 27, 28, 2014
School Shows: Friday, November 21, 2014

The Outsiders – January 30 – February 8, 2015
School Shows: Tuesday, February 3, Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, October 27, 28, 29, 2014

Spamalot – March 20 – March 29, 2015
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, December 15,16,17, 2014

Bleacher Bums – May 29 – June 7, 2015
Auditions:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, February 2, 3, 4, 2015

RLT 2014-2015 Extra-Season Schedule

RLT Junior

RLT Young Actor’s Winter Workshop – March 8, 2014

The Little Mermaid, Jr.– April 11 – April 19, 2014
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, February 3,4,5 2014

RLT Young Actor’s Audition Workshop – May 31, 2014

RLT Young Actor’s Summer Workshop – June 9 – June 13, 2014 & June 16 – June 20, 2014

Beauty and the Beast, Jr.– December 5 – December 14, 2014
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, August 25, 26, 27, 2014
School Shows: Tuesday, December 9, Wednesday, December 10, 2014

RLT Summer Stock

RLT Annual Gala 2014 - June 28, 2014

Legally Blonde the Musical– July 11- July 20, 2014
Auditions: Saturday, Sunday, Monday February 15, 16,17, 2014

RLT Black Box Benefit Series

Always… Patsy Cline – TBA



Announcing show and audition dates for the Rome Little Theatre 2015-2016 season


We are very excited to announce the show and audition dates for the Rome Little Theatre 2015-2016 season!

Drinking Habits
August 21 – August 30, 2015
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, June 1, 2, 3, 2015

Accusations, mistaken identities, and romances run wild in this traditional, laugh-out-loud farce. Two nuns at the Sisters of Perpetual Sewing have been secretly making wine to keep the convent’s doors open, but Paul and Sally, reporters and former fiancées, are hot on the trail. They go undercover as a nun and priest, but their presence, combined with the addition of a new nun, spurs paranoia throughout the convent that spies have been sent from Rome to shut them down. Wine and secrets are inevitably spilled as everyone tries to preserve the convent and reconnect with lost loves.

Addams Family the Musical
October 23 – November 1, 2015
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, July 20, 21, 22, 2015

The Addams Family features an original story, and it’s every father’s nightmare. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family. A man her parents have never met. And if that weren’t upsetting enough, she confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams, must do something he has never done before – keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his parents.

White Christmas the Musical
December 4- December 13, 2015
School Shows: Tuesday, Wednesday, December 8, December 9, 2015
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, August 24, 25, 26, 2015

Based on the beloved, timeless film, this heartwarming musical adaptation features seventeen Irving Berlin songs. Veterans Bob Wallace and Phil Davis have a successful song-and-dance act after World War II. With romance in mind, the two follow a duo of beautiful singing sisters en route to their Christmas show at a Vermont lodge, which just happens to be owned by Bob and Phil’s former army commander.

The Secret Garden
January 29 – February 7, 2016
School Shows: Tuesday, Wednesday, February 2, February 3, 2016
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, October 26, 27, 28, 2015

This joyous story about the growth and blossoming of the earth and the human spirit is a garden of delight for the ears and the imagination. Mary and Colin, whose natures have been badly warped, thrive with the discovery that selflessness opens a secret door to happiness. They are encouraged by the warmhearted Yorkshire maid, Martha and her brother Dickon, who understands the language of birds, animals and flowers; the crusty gardener, Ben Weatherstaff; and, of course, the robin who leads Mary to the garden that changes her life. Colin’s reunion with his father touches all of us deeply.

Noises Off
April 1 – April 10, 2016
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, December 7, 8, 9, 2015

Noises Off, Michael Frayn’s Tony award winning comic masterpiece is not one play, but two. The hilariously horrible, British sex farce, Nothing On, and the comedic nightmare that ensues backstage.

Second Samuel
June 3 – June 12, 2016
Auditions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, February 1, 2, 3, 2016

It was a simpler time in the late 1940s, especially in South Georgia and specifically in a sleepy little town called Second Samuel. What had been called the Great Depression was quickly fading into memory. The war had been won, the election was now over, and “Give’em Hell Harry was still president. It had been an exciting time for sure, but folks in Second Samuel were ready for things to settle down and get back to normal. Except – this was the summer Miss Gertrude passed away, and deep dark secrets were about to be revealed. Nobody could have imagined how the death of one sweet little old lady would turn the entire town upside down, leaving everybody in Second Samuel wondering if anything would ever be normal again!

RLT 2015-2016 Extra-Season Schedule
(Not included in the Subscription fees)

RLT Junior

Aladdin, Jr
July 17 – July 26, 2015
Auditions: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, April 18, 19, 20, 2015

Disney’s ALADDIN JR.’s tuneful, accessible Academy award-winning score, with songs by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, and Tim Rice, including “A Whole New World” and “Friend Like Me,” will send audiences soaring.

RLT Young Actor’s Summer Workshop



Rome Little Theatre and the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation Gifted with $100,000 Endowment Fund

Jason Endowment Fund

We are very pleased to announce the creation of the Jason G. Fordham Memorial Endowment Fund.

Gifted by an individual who asked not to be identified, the Jason G. Fordham Memorial Endowment Fund was established to honor the memory of Jason Fordham, who passed away September 24, 2013, following a 4-year battle with cancer.

Jason was a supporter of the arts in Rome and Floyd County, Georgia, particularly related to theatre and the preservation of the Historic DeSoto Theatre and was a member of both the Rome Little Theatre Board of Directors and the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation Board, serving as president of the Rome Little Theatre Board of Directors from 2009-2011.

The designated purposes of the Jason G. Fordham Memorial Endowment Fund are:

(a) to honor Jason Fordham’s contributions to theatre;

(b) to serve as Jason Fordham’s legacy; and

(c) to provide on-going support for Rome Little Theatre and the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation.

The income from the investment of monies in the Jason G. Fordham Memorial Endowment Fund will be equally divided between Rome Little Theatre and the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation to be used in whatever manner the individual organizations deem appropriate in support of the arts in Rome and Floyd County, Georgia.

In addition to the $100,000.00 initial donation to establish the Jason G. Fordham Memorial Endowment Fund, both Rome Little Theatre and the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation gladly accept donations to the Endowment Fund to honor Jason’s legacy and his many contributions to theatre as well as provide on-going support for Rome Little Theatre and the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation.

Donations earmarked for the Jason G. Fordham Memorial Endowment Fund may be safely made  HERE or mailed to the Historic DeSoto Theatre, 530 Broad Street, Rome, Georgia 30161.

Donate Jasons Fund



Beauty and the Beast Jr Callbacks

The Casting Committee requests the following actors return for callbacks tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th at 6 pm.

Zack Lester

Lizzy Morang

Haley Fisher

Caroline Gammage

Ryan Acree

Chase Johnston

Jacob Faile

Peyton Christen

Ella Mckerrocher

Zac Mitchell

Maggie Brinson

Madison Brinson

Jake Naddy

Tyler Dobson

Ian Van Riper

Kate Scott

Orrin Scarborough

Maddie Sabourin

Micailah Lipham

Natalee Castro

Announcing Auditions for The Nutcracker!

The Nutcracker Auditions Poster

August 27 & 28, 2014

SHOW DATES: November 21 & 22, 2014
Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 2:30pm and 8pm
SCHOOL SHOWS: November 20, 2014
9am and 10:45am

In collaboration with R.O.M.E. (Rome’s Own Musical Ensembles), Berry College and several local dance studios, Rome Little Theatre presents The Nutcracker Ballet, which is based on the story “The Nutcracker and the King of Mice” written by E.T.A. Hoffman. It is the story of a young German girl who dreams of a Nutcracker Prince and a fierce battle against a Mouse King with seven heads.

Tchaikovsky’s magical music will be performed by the Chamber Players of the South, a 30-member professional orchestra.

Continue reading


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