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New Online Volunteer Program!

Hello RLT volunteers and future volunteers!

RLT Volunteer photos

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are implementing new online software for you!

You can now easily sign up, view your schedule, request additional shifts, request automatic email and text reminders and update your profile over the internet.

Check it out HERE!

If you are already an RLT volunteer, please take a few minutes to update your profile, and if you are not an RLT volunteer, but were thinking about it, well now is the perfect time!


Carpet Installation Day!

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What an exciting day at the DeSoto! It’s new carpet day!

Special thank you to JT Watters and Manassas Textiles for the beautiful custom-made carpet they donated to the historic DeSoto Theatre.

Thank you to Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation Board members, Michelle Picon and David Clonts for moving this much-awaited project forward.

And, thank you to our DeSoto Theatre friends, for your excitement and support. If you would like to help us defray the cost of installation and maintenance of the carpet, you can do so by clicking HERE

Now Showing: The Outsiders!

The Outsiders Poster2 (1)

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The Outsiders stage adaptation deals with real people, seen through the eyes of young Ponyboy, a Greaser on the wrong side of life, caught up in territorial battles between the have-it-made rich kids the “Socs” and his tough, underprivileged “greaser” family and friends.

S.E. Hinton, who wrote this modern classic when she was 16 years old, comments: “The Outsiders, like most things I write, is written from a boy’s point of view. That’s why I’m listed as S.E. Hinton rather than Susan. (I figured most boys would look at the book and think ‘What can a chick know about stuff like that!’) None of the events are taken from life, but the rest—how kids think and live and feel—is for real. The characters—Dallas, who wasn’t tough enough; Sodapop, the happy-go-lucky dropout; Bob, the rich kid whose arrogance cost him his life; Ponyboy, the sensitive, green-eyed Greaser who didn’t want to be a hood—they’re all real to me. Many of my friends are Greasers, but I’m not. I have friends who are rich, too, but nobody will ever call me a Soc—I’ve seen what money and too much idle time and parental approval can do to people. Cool people mean nothing to me—they’re living behind masks and I’m always wondering “Is there a real person underneath?” Continue reading

Congratulations to the Bleacher Bums Cast!

Bleacher Bums Poster

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The casting committee and production team of Bleacher Bums would like to thank all of those who auditioned. Your enthusiasm made our evenings easy but our choices hard. Those of you cast, please email our producer, Chuck Morris, at bleacherbumsrlt@gmail.com to accept or decline your role within the next 24 hours. Ensemble members will find out understudy roles at our first read-through on Wednesday, February 11th at 6:30 pm at the RLT Annex. To those of you who were not cast, we have some special assignments in mind for several of you.  Please check your email over the next few weeks.

Seriously though, you folks made this a tough one.  We were climbing the ivy, we were so frustrated.

Chris Parker, Director

Cast List: Continue reading

Today! Auditions for Bleacher Bums!

Announcing Auditions for

Bleacher Bums

Conceived by Joe Mantegna
and written by The Organic Theatre Company

Monday & Tuesday, February 2 & 3, 2015

Bleacher Bums Audition Poster

Registration: 6 pm • Auditions: 6:30 pm each day

Callbacks: Wednesday, February 4

Auditions open to ages 12 and up


In the bleachers at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, die hard Cub fans root for their team. The group includes a rabid cheerleader, a blind man who follows the game by transistor radio and does his own play by play, a bathing beauty, a nerd and various other bleacher denizens. As the game proceeds, they bet among themselves on every conceivable event, go out for frosty malts or beers, try to pick up the bathing beauty and, occasionally, watch the game. The Cubs inevitably blow it in the ninth and the villainous Marvin, who always bets against the Cubs figuring he can’t lose, cleans up. The bleacher bums remain undaunted they will be back tomorrow to root for the home team.

Note about accents:  It is not necessary to be able to speak with a Chicago accent.

Office Offerings – January/February 2015

Office Offerings Logo

Thank you RLT family for everything you do to make RLT the great theatre group we are. We offer thanks to these people who have been making some “behind the scenes” contributions for a long time :

Thank You… Norris Gamble and Gordon Leiter for their recent donations of many RLT programs, newsletters, flyers, posters, newspaper articles and scripts. We are organizing the large amount of information from the 1980’s and 1990’s for everyone to enjoy.

Thank You… Wendell Barnes for all the work you did some years ago starting our online archives, and for continuing to update them after every production since then.

Thank You… Virginia McChesney for constantly looking for items that can be used as props, set pieces, or costumes in our productions, and getting those items to us.

Our 2014-15 season continues to be busy, with The Outsiders opening on January 30. Spamalot is deep into rehearsals, and auditions for Bleacher Bums are coming up on February 2 & 3. The Reading Committee has been working on their proposed season for 2016-17 and will present it to the Board in February.



Our condolences go out to Russell Evans for the loss of his grandfather, to Matt Shoemaker for the loss of his brother, and to Becky Magruder for the loss of her Mom. May their loved ones rest in God’s peace.

Jason G. Fordham Endowment Fund continues to grow. Jim Curry has taken on the task of promoting the fund around town. You may see some of the canisters at local restaurants. This fund will provide on-going support for RLT and HDTF for many years to come.


The Foundation has received a grant from the city to finish renovations to our concessions area. We can look forward to a real kitchen facility there soon.

The Board of Directors is working on plans for our summer workshops and other projects that will add to this year’s schedule. Paul Culotta resigned as Member-at-Large earlier this year, and the Board welcomes Nicole Williams to complete his term.

See you at the Theatre!

Introducing the Cast and Crew of The Outsiders!

Proudly introducing the cast and crew of The Outsiders, opening January 30.

Please click HERE for more info and tickets.


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